Adult Play

Play is not just essential to children’s lives; adults need downtime too and play can be a good

form of relaxation and stimulation. Most adults are in the mindset that they are simply “too old to play” but they could not be more wrong. Play is an important part of our lives and just as there are lots of developmental benefits of play for children, research shows that play can transform an adult’s health, work and relationships .Adult play is a chance to stop thinking about commitments and instead focus on an opportunity to participate in an unstructured fun experience. Regular fun and laughter through play can improve a person’s mood making them feel relaxed, upbeat and positive which all reduce everyday stress levels.

Taking part in regular physical activity is critical for an adult’s overall wellbeing, just going for a round of golf, walking your child to school or playing with your dog will help you keep in good physical shape and release endorphins which also make you feel good. Additionally, studies have shown that being physically active and regularly solving puzzles may help postpone dementia later on in life. As well as physical wellbeing we should concentrate on regularly stimulating our brains through play – all the muscles in the body need to be kept active! Playing board games, solving a crossword or completing a Sudoku can achieve this.

Playing with our children is the best way to help us be more playful as we explore our inner child all over again! Play with your child will remain important for their development and your health as well as providing a special opportunity to create a bond that will last a lifetime.

What types of play?

• Gardening
• Playing in the park with your family
• Sharing jokes with a co-worker
• Dressing up with your kids
• Playing board games
• Playing fetch with your dog
• Playing sports
• Join a club
• Crosswords/Sudoku
• Go to the gym

What are the main benefits?

• Relieve stress
• Improve your brain function
• Stimulate the mind and boost creativity
• Maintain physical fitness, strength and flexibility
• Improve relationships and your connection with others



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